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  • Artichoke strains are very robust and large bulbed. 

  • The plants are shorter than hardneck varieties. 

  • Normally do not produce a scape because they are a softneck, but may produce a large bulbil protuding from the lower third of the stem.

  • When stressed, Artichokes can produce hard necks and seed heads (rare).  Cloves that are planted from these will usually revert to softnecks the following season.

  • Artichokes are named for their configuration of several layers of overlapping cloves, similar to an Artichoke. 

  • Many Artichoke varieties have up to 3-5 clove layers within the bulb and can contain 12-20 cloves. 

  • The outside cloves are round and fat and have a slight irregular shape.

  • Bulb wrappers are coarse and thick. 

  • Artichokes can store for up to 10 months. 

  • As a softneck, Artichokes are good for braiding.

  • One pound of Artichoke may produce up to 65 plants.


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