Artichoke strains are very robust and large bulbed.  The plants are shorter than hardneck varieties.  Artichokes normally do not produce a scape because they are a softneck, but may produce a large bulbil protuding from the lower third of the stem.

When stressed, Artichokes can produce hard necks and seed heads (rare).  Cloves that are planted from these will usually revert to softnecks the following season.

Artichokes are named for their configuration of several layers of overlapping cloves, similar to an Artichoke.  Many Artichoke varieties have up to 3-5 clove layers within the bulb and can contain 12-20 cloves.  The outside cloves are round and fat and have a slight irregular shape.

Bulb wrappers are coarse and thick.  Artichokes can store for up to 10 months.  As a softneck, Artichokes are good for braiding.

One pound of Artichoke may produce up to 65 plants.


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