Rocamboles have a deeper, more full-bodied flavor than softnecks.  Rocamboles produce large cloves which are wonderfully easy to peel and preferred by chefs and food processors.  However, with these loose skins, you get a shorter life storage than most other varieties.

Clove colors range from tan to brown.  This garlic also forms tight, beautiful loops on the scapes with up to 1-3 tight coils.  Cloves are rounded with a blunt at the tip.  Most strains can average 6-11 cloves.  Storage is usually 4-6 months.

One pound of seed may produce up to 60 plants.


Snow Valley Garlic grows organic, premium, gourmet garlic for planting or eating;  We suggest both!  With over 28 heirloom varieties from all over the world, dating back hundreds of years, there is plenty to choose from.  You are certainly welcome to visit the farm, however, as we are a working farm from April to November, we simply ask that you bring your boots and gloves.

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